Nationalism and its goals

Part 1


If we know that greatest effect of  ww-I was expansion of western imperialism to east through dissolution of ottoman and russian empire, its not wrong to say that this was achieved by the ideal for secular nation , everything else was just part of the process eg, compacting allies in the middle as check points on the route to Asia ... this eastern blob is solely behind the scenes outcome, normally there were many other effects like demise of german and hasburg empires, but all in all turks and russians are the biggest collateral and along them the last strongholds of Orthodox Christian and Muslim realms, as if they were final puzzles of the neopagan strive to overthrow Monotheism in the world, indeed it was final blow to Monotheism by nationalistic movements in the russian and the ottoman empires, which by all means was real agenda altho even nowadays its overlooked by the historian who focus mostly on the colonial reasons and class struggle motives, while deathorisation of the last imperially fortified Monotheism is seen just like mere result of the national awakening, but if we know that as such is enlightenment idea which has emerged as tool to overthrow vatican authority in europe i.e. in effective way through revolutions within have substituted the royal european realm with "national" thus vatican influence removed from the scene, then it becomes obvious that its agenda, which if we consider what was/is as iconography behind it [1][1][2][2] I can say freely it was clash between neopaganism and Monotheism, when pops up maybe meaningless question from imperial but crucial from soteriological perspective the fearful question how and why that was possible if we assert eg. that Christianity by Grace it should defend any Christian Empire easily, and here we come to paradox, but actually what happened is misuse of the Free Will Gift as by the aristocracy so as by the masses, the first flirting with more or less renaissance cults along decadence lines, while masses fell to the trap of propaganda that if they overthrow their own heirs they would embrace freedom, and yes they did but werent aware that she is simply neopagan idealism now institutionalized by Nationalism!


this suggest that:


1. nationalism was tool for dismantling of the authority of the Church primarily on west and finally on east, what opened room for nonaristocratic elites to grab the control and the wealth from the royal elites and their vatican authority ,​

2. it was  process somehow as centralized strive by united neopagan elites like freemasonry ,​

3. there are many ideologists that openly suggested this was imminent​


I am amused why there is still no open debate by historians first of all on these nuseffects of nationalism, in my knowledge with only one analytical attempt by the croatian admiral Davor Domazet in his book Masters Of Chaos who points similarly to this that is neopagan agenda in place which in her phase attacked Monotheism with nationalism i.e. secularism through principle of inversion, while in its second phase introduced marxism as ultimate maximization of its goals for utopian one world society, which I think is too oversimplified logic, altho defacto only totalitarian superstate can crush now the bulk of nationalism first of all on west, for what eU is prime candidate, where probably would be used all kind of results from past functional (german federalism) and past failed (ex-Yu-federalism) small scale experiments, btw I also disagree with many other points of this croatian counterintelligence admiral but I suggest him just to hear if there is any other historian or other person from his military caliber that suggest similar geopolitical agenda!




Part 2

"the fearful question how and why that was possible if we assert eg. that Christianity by Grace it should defend any Christian Empire easily, and here we come to paradox, but actually what happened is misuse of the Free Will Gift as by the aristocracy so as by the masses, the first flirting with more or less renaissance cults along decadence lines, while masses fell to the trap of propaganda that if they overthrow their own heirs they would embrace freedom"


must say this propaganda proposition altho was real it was not at all the main reason behind popular revolt that lead to secularism, but for that (for the masses) probably biggest factor was the indirect slavery through the western feudalism, on other hand think that on East primary reason was exactly the lost of Grace coz they fell in the "decadent" trap i.e. decadence through renaissance flirting when is in question the russian aristocratic realm, while in the ottoman was the suffi dualistic "apostasy" that helped this momentum [1] must be noted also that in the ottoman empire maybe there was also another spiritual glitch as earlier recidive from the times before ottomans when slavery existed as norm altho it was banned latter by the Sharia Law [1] but because these are metaphysical proposition I'll leave it as noncompliant for the historical reasoning and focus mostly on the social reasons ...

... exactly they were the final drop that spilled the glass and led to secularism and its emblem nationalism , something that was also case in the eastern empires for sure, but unlike in the western serfdom earlier or capitalistic wage or debt slavery later where population was almost owned and as such easily revolted or manipulated, the feudal system eg. in the ottoman society it was granted way greater private freedom thus it was way harder this empire to be quickly diminished, on other hand the russian feudalism was way too slowly substituted by the means of the industrial revolution thus Russia wasnt also easy pray , process that have been accomplished when they were both turned against each other, in same time indebted through loans and also derailed by further alliances and wars, which lead to extra taxation of the masses and sparked unrests and will for rebellions, which as such were also on big hand helped by the western capital which flowed with little help from the freemasonry that organized own secrete branches through all ottoman empire and pushed the fire from within, something that was later also case in Russia but it wasnt organized if history is consulted by fremasons but states and wallstreet capital, altho even in that case there is info that maybe after all lenin was also freemason [1] yet I need more evidence so this lenin speculation to be affirmed so it could fit easily in this theory about neopagan attack against Monotheism ...




Part 3


in this post I'll suggest the evolution behind the idea of secularism, and first will say all started when vatican lost grip in uK, after what was opened space for european neopagans to compact their forces and put agenda ahead that would provoke (lets say) that first phase for social reset of Monotheism, what finally will lead to breakage of the vatican might and authority on the west through the fall of its kings and kingdoms, just to remind You defacto by oath they all recognized vatican as highest heir through > unam sanctum bull!

probably things could started elsewhere than uK, and indeed there is room for such speculations, but they are not topic in this thread,whats important is to know that as island uK had good geostrategic position so it could endure direct assault, finally the importance of uK might in era of colonialism and later in the industrial technological revolution was from too great importance to vatican so it could instigate direct attack, altho that would be case if english royalty was the prime target, instead what was in stake was the enlightenment movement that there was state in state which was selforganized trough freemasonry in let say business clubs that rest on esoteric religion, whether this was done so it would be assured greater bondage if not servitude from the members or simply there was need of folklore motivation so the struggle to be first of all ideological so it could endure the long and heavy process not just of secularization of european societies but also maintaining it steady as longer as possible, especially crucial later when the war toys became sophisticated as never before when fremasonic lodges acted as secrete service agencies also except shadowy geopolitical powers!

normally as hierarchy above them were banksters as largest cannon in the idea of nationalism, and its correct to assume that they have stolen the enlightenment idealism so they can get even more wealthier while the true enlighteners instigate their coup as secularism against royalism, if seen as such it will become obvious why the neopagan agenda its not so compact as enlightenment strive for utopian paradise on earth i.e. the infamous nwo goal of the renaissance thought (that funny but rests on platos shareware of solons shareware of egyptean stories about atlantis altho passed on by bacon and alike nominalists or later from them reshaped by the humanitsts in reneisance peak) simply > for any usurer < its way more appealing to bow before mammonism than utopianism, thus banksters didnt go along easily, as if they start to rush only for more wealth instead following the neopagan agenda for free new world order, they as pillars of wealth-motivation for any further change (as from Monotheism to secularism so as later from nationalism to socialism) only acted if and when they are in danger or seek to grab more opportunities through colonization, actually what they've done from uK is puppet state which later they have also done from usA, surely through all their means they have put control on every aspect of the western world, (and for sure they would go on these lines till there is final evidence that they could not control outcome from natural disaster like melted glaciers or eventually asteroid strike) actually that banksters control started through reshaping of the uK system, and after through corporatism of the East India Company rooted its ambitions to usA, after to France etc. and lastly Ottoman and Russian Empires, in between everywhere where they could find allies or put bargain coin through loans and indepting!




what is funny any > nationalism liberalism or socialism < depends on them (banc'corp elites) and their ambitions, so altho neopaganism succeed in overthrowing Monotheism with secularism, now alone is also hostage of the banksters and as such it couldnt push own social ideological agendas, especially problematic because even do The Christian Church is no more political factor or indirect authority, still the Hearst of People didnt changed enough so they could embrace utopian nwo agenda without hesitation, even harder if we know that nationalism became so large beast that still wasnt put to rest, even worst on horizontal level merged with religious affiliations i.e. ethnophyletism, just look closely anywhere where bursted in eu it cant be distinguished easily (with few small Multiculti exceptions eg. like Macedonia or Bosna, but where is mostly experimental and dysfunctional as is imposed and managed) but lets see maybe future predetermined economic collapse could engage the > european federalism < fast so things will start to change!? this is for sure manageable like that, even there are in place different strategies at least how to be loosen any beastly nationalism eg. through the Concept Of Regional Economic Circles that cross union member borders, but until all of them enjoy the right of consensual voting in eU this is impossible even mega economic collapse happens even less if just mega depression is in question!

in the end nationalism became just tool as phase, if not in neopagan then in banksters hands, that now is to big to fail emergence that should be substituted by superstate citizenship if we accept that there is neopagan agenda that strives for some socialistic nwo ahead, there are in place different mechanism for that, one eg. UN, but as such today unlike century ago it cant became operational instantly as global elites had have chance one century earlier [1][1] today even harder to be managed simply coz nationalism became so strong idealism that even close ethnic states cant accept to unite in one stew what about noncompatible one, more over even currently merged entities like Scotland and England are loosening their bonds because different political ambitions, what to say new to jump in suprastate federalism, simply altho nationalism was enlightenment newborn it became its grave digger, I'll say even greater evil when seen with far-left binocular which little by little eats all the true enlightenment idealism for worldly brotherhood, in a sense nationalism became tool for defragmentation of the Christianity but it got so powerful that now defragments any other step to the enlightenment one love goal agenda, and by all means only way out is Centrism but this to be achieved politically on such scale is possible only through global economic crisis, yet there is another option and that is every Religious Realm to unite in itself, but thats not possible because two reasons first there are many geostrategic overlaps in the world that simply we are not ready for such attempt, and second in that case neopaganism couldnt impose Universalism as religious bondage between all religious enclaves, so in my opinion only way this to be done if take in account all the circumstances that exists nowadays on political cultural and economic level is by ww3 and Hope that Almighty Lord Will Forbid That because simply we need to understand that in this world where causality is our destiny its not possible for humans to instigate lasting "paradise alike" harmony, especially not through secularism even less through decadent neopaganism i.e. that which glorify the cult of the body, yet there are transhumanists that are proposing way out as homo-silicone future something like we have already doomed our planet through the feedback loop because the capitalistic greed without brakes so lets get the party started, BUT thats wrong and think that we need just to start to think and act through Centrism what in case of and because strong natiomalism around would mean Unionism, as is now for example case with eU, but go tell this to federalists there which now hold the largest bulk of that political entity , even there is no debate with uK so it could be found lasting unionistic compromise, and the reason is simple that this is risk for other member to stay inline when federal europe will be put in motion, tho Macron offered good possibility as three europe concept so when and who is ready could go to that federal level i.e. the western members, central european would need to stay in union and eastern in extension, but the problem with it are the fringe members like Greece and uK etc. etc. ...






Part 4


when all this is taken in account definitely nationalism was goal of the enlightenment peak as tool against Christianity, its not at all mere result of the french revolution or american before that as is seen by the mainstream logic ...

on other hand as ridiculous how such tool now should be downgraded to level of amorphous citizenship of the world after exploited its mission to crush the Christocentrism of the Church, but because in its momentum is secular it made another problem how later nations to be made religious again so it would embrace the needed glue for long lasting peaceful new world order through universalism and praise of the light i.e. modern sabianism [1][1] for what there are in place mechanisms that would lead to ecumenism and right after to universalism i.e. the last phase of shaping peaceful nwo, not that this is easily done, but with little technological and spiritual signs after many turmoils from wars and cataclysms this will be surely way easier as process i.e. to push all the leftovers of humanity to make compromise and unite as one love religion, but would it be in this row of events or vice versa its hard to tell!?


"there is enlightenment [1] humanistic agenda to reshape the world religious views on small door [1] in this regard Comparative Religion at best is misguided approach by secularism to interpret Christianity, altho as I pointed at worst think there is even greater manipulation behind the scenes i.e. the agenda that leads first to ecumenism [1] and after to universalism [1] and most probably instigated by wcc [1][1] "




Part 5


in a way that tool (nationalism) it supposed also to be used as means of spiritual indoctrination through the ideal of lady liberty which by many is seen as occult bearer beneath the motto freedom or death altho with broad esoteric interpretation of its symbolism [1][1][2][2][3][4][5][6][7] but simply it was not embraced as such by the nations, instead that niche evaporated from the reality, probably because nations didnt came quickly to federations and so all things went in possessive manner i.e. ethnocentrism and what became reality is even worst than the imperial momentum earlier, an inertia of tribal statism i.e. modern tribalism, my emphasis ...

... somehow all this points that freemasonic ideals became interwoven as religious indoctrination but without success so later it became obvious that they need to change the agenda for spiritual enlightening of all humanity too, so because accented secularism and atheism in communistic political experiments (as means to forbid Christianity to reenter in the political life) its logical that those enlightened elites decided that more useful approach would be to push divided Christians to ecumenism, and after loosen as such whole to be leveled by universalism, in mean time humanism did started to lay ground for such agenda through steady introduction of empirical Comparative Religion which as science is already accepted in the curriculum of the primary schools in the western euroatlantic realm ...

... so we are already conditioned as masses by different means, at least in the west, so when the right time has come we could be pushed to universalism where probably the icon that will be worshiped is light as neopagan sabianistic cult!? I'll say Apocalipsis > The Book Of Revelation indeed points to such outcome, now, this seems probably ridiculous to many, but if we take in account all the folklore and iconography behind the enlightenment era its not hard to grasp such visionary proposition, especially in light of all current circumstances how nationalism is ridiculed by globalism, with rush this animosity to be stepped up! again funny how both are sides of the same coin which was/is bargain for the nwo ideal of one world brotherhood ...

... and who knows maybe we leave exactly in the eve of those days, and when observed as organized agenda simply all global events point that we are very close to those times, but now all this depends whether we will focus on global warming and its effects more consciously or we will let such disaster to push us to ww3, eventually there is risk of economic meltdown and through it to be welcomed global chaos, but what we are facing as humanity at moment is not homo-silicon fears but crispr revolution which guarantee that while we impose moral rules in place, humanity will endeavor many temptations to stay human, in this respect nationalism will be confronted with even greater fears and thus greater trenching, what to say too many risks and too little will to be found common centristic deal for all through UN if not else, but that means diversity as multiculturalism and not globalism as monoculturalism!




Part 6


many think that there is conspiracy in place, some say predominately in the western world as yezuits vs zionists that are fighting for control [1] but even this was true what escapes the public eye is that there is spiritual battle behind the scenes that rests on our Free Will to stay humans or became (I dont know maybe) superhumans [1] evolution that is seen as ultimate goal for most of the neopagan esoteria that burst in the enlightenment era, utopianism that now can be only stopped exactly by nationalism as opposition the conservative ideals for family for ethnicity for pride, all that challenged too quickly by the liberal globalist agenda, although there are many paradoxes that emerged as result of merging between nationalism and capitalism or conservatism and secularism, and what we have now is socialism waiting to happen just how and when globally because capitalistic risks that are pushed exactly by conservatives, although some say there is big division between conservatives too eg. in usA [1] so there is chance we can all calm our heads and accept that we need workable deal ...

... I see myself as national socialist till one point where I acknowledge my country as beloved birthplace even idealize it culturally, BUT knowing that its ridiculous to say we macedonians are uniquely exception because simply we belong to different cultural political and historical levels through the ages, So I accept that we need with all our current uniqueness to reconnect with all our neighbors on all levels, which in balkans would be almost impossible until there is arianistic nationalism in place that push history in possessive ways, and this could be quickly overcome if we reconnect on ethnic level eg. slavic one, but this leaves many out that circle, for sure above all Christianity is the right way but again even in this case nationalism made big problems when merged with religion and promoted ethnophyletism, but also like that albanians and bosnians would be left out, and what leaves as option is balkan unionism through Agrarianism and Socialism, something that as experiment was pushed earlier few times through Yugoslavia but because as such couldnt expand to balkan federation with Greece and Bulgaria it tied its hands for longer livelihood, maybe because it was secular brainwash in religious oriented place, guess this opened room for wrong unethical citizen behavior that simply lead to nationalistic dissolution, they all as republics started to behave unsocialistic on different level, the same problem what is now in eu, yet ex-Yu was compact centralized federation and for sure could overcome any crisis, but as such became big geostrategic problem for all, because the state became as I am aware 5th army power in europe and 7th in the world, so it was too big risk to be left alive after its function as cold-war buffer expired in 90's of the last century i.e. the reconsolidation of ussR through the andropov doctrine ...

so nationalism today (also as in case of ex-Yu earlier) is extra risk for any future federalism to be maintained steady only if is imposed in totalitarian way as was also successfully exploited til 80's in ex-Yu on top of the need common defense premise > that became norm after Tito was expelled from the politburo [1][1] but this analogy couldnt be taken for granted outside europe eg. in usA there are not so big similar risk but are lurking on other hand racial ones, they have luck to join forces by not so long tradition of local ethnic tribalism, which would be case if that rise was result of indigenous population merging, so because they were exterminated or logorized this was prevailed and the multiculti concept was installed as national pride liberating people from local bounds through centralization paradox but many americans were hostage of feudalism slavery even which-hunting , as from symbolism so as through economy, and in the end what makes strong nationalism and strong federalism is patriotism which rests on common cultural or safety goals eg. in case of usA the american dream for loosen tea manners in the first case and in the second through the belief of political liberty from the british crown, what also was case of with Yugoslavia and the liberation momentum from the nazi occupation in wwII so as result people embraced fast merging, altho the macedonian delegation refused such fast option exactly because earlier cultural struggle that was hostage of earlier forcible colonization and assimilation by its neighbor before and after wwI , but due to lack of western will for compact national region of Macedonia they hanged and were forced to join ex-Yu experiment ...




Part 7


wow typo, no I am not national socialist, I am ethnosocialist, if by etnicity I am recognizing myself as slavic, and socialist also is discutable because I am centrist, lets say left centrist with right centrism for me nationalism ends when there is no neighboring denial which usually rests on the bulgarian and greek denial of macedonian uniqueness as if they were calling themselves macedonians when simply my conservative reflex hits the adrenaline gland i.e. why there is still allowed in europe to flourish arianistic mood of nationalism and left someone to negate others, in this case their right to selfdetermination ... this simply opens room for the aggressiveness of nationalism as concept and how is used till such nonsense mostly because fears of earlier occupation of lands by our neighbors in the earlier past century balkan wars, its almost impossible to believe but even today we as macedonians are first nation that was politically pushed for selfdenial so we can join the nato club i.e. so greek fears could be lifted from the accession ramp, but now there are bulgarian about negation of our language that holds down the ramp to eu integration, yet in my opinion this was blessing not curse, because if we had endured in the first case we wouldnt join the club of modern western occupation forces nato and in the second case we would escape the trap of becoming minority in our own country because the open border centralization living on the crossroads of the balkans with too little macedonians at home, now probably one and a half million population! till now really I havent heard of such example where one nation is forced to throw own national identity in favor of other on top of that this to be done unconstitutionally, simply we are experimental ground for the euroatlantic elites where by soft and hard power methods we are chopped and sliced as they want, although they forgot continuously they forgot that causality rulz in this world so in a way they accepted for now in nato member state that resolved its dispute with the neighbor by without consent of their citizens but just through political majority which is not allowable by the constitution in case entering in military or political alliance, this in my opinion is now virus in the nato organism that sooner or later will cause problems, how and why its not in my metaphysical knowledge to say so!




Part 8


"what we are facing as humanity at moment is not homo-silicon fears but crispr revolution which guarantee that while we impose moral rules in place, humanity will endeavor many temptations to stay human"


in loosen manner I have covered this topic in macedonian waffle e-forum [1] in thread about eugenics transhumanism and scientific dictatorship, where could be found many exact and many conspi analysis about utopian dreams of the global elites, where among other I've tried to resolve the mystery how had come to the enlightenment era and its ideals, through formalism [1][1] nominalism [2][2] deism [3][3][3][4] and humanism, and among them only nationalism isnt covered as nuseffect as is here ... anyway if we take the darwinian evolution as measure for the nation concept its clear that this ideal has short longevity, simply it dont fit in any future scenario (at least till now) in the kitchen of the enlightenment determinism now known as globalism, strangely as many times earlier in history now at the present time also announced in labor pains as "reset is imminent" [1] what could make all this enlightenment lineup more understandable is that humanistic science actually is esoteria how is pushed some say as scientific dictatorship along the current educational system, that altho offered nationalism as solution for the uncristianisation, in right time it will deconstrut any at least small national entity because greater goals, would any such scientifical political or cultural elites succeed in this could not say, but I accept the idea that there is such entity that work against Christianity some call it invisible college [1][1][2] suggesting that technocracy through totalitarian circumstances will diminish democracy, and along logically nationalism!




Part 9


I can easily understand why vatican is condemning nationalism, risks of wars because neighboring animosity even xenophobia, surely servitude to secularism, even because is enlightenment ideal, but think if something can prevent globalism now, that is exactly nationalism, and taken from apocalyptic perspective and what means the enlightenment nwo ideal for Christianity this vatican statement is at best ridiculous, and in worst case that means vatican will be in forefront of universalism! must say, so this underlined link wouldnt be interpreted wrongly in context, that I dont have nothing against vaccination altho that is not final solution because as in every pandemics current virus will mutate so the positive hype is wrong in my opinion is better states to be focused on healthy lifestyle along noninvasive immunity boosting [1][1][1] but probably that cant stabilize the market panic and speculations so they dont bother!?


I'll digress eschatologically in this paragraph through conspi reasoning >>> is this possible, vatican to be such nwo peer dont know, as it seems yezuits the order of the current pope are not so aligned with opus dei which the prime catholic nwo club that joins in itself the worldly elites, yet they are resting own existence on spin of the alumbrados cult of the sun i.e. spanish illuminism [1][1][2][2][3][3] ~ [4] ~ [5][5] through "exercises inigo" [6][6][6] and although this somehow position them inline with the enlightenment "illuminism" ideal "As Auguste Viatte has shown, the Enlightenment went out in a great blaze of illuminism" [1][1] there is no logical predisposition that this pope will swept if not sell the catholic Christianity for universalism, logic derived from one catholic prophecy of Saint Malachi about the final line of popes [1][1]​


so when from Christian perspective I'll take in account all the risks and combinations about potential future "enlightenment" new world order agenda, then indeed NATIONALISM now is the last fortification or frontier on that road, depending what dioptry one has, so if its goals in the beginning were destroying of Christianity, nowadays it became some sort of political shield of It, and only possible way to be circumvent as current political reality is by ww3 or eventual natural cataclysm, are there such global elites that push such scenario cant tell although there are many that are enough open for spiritual attacks so they could become easy pray for the fallen spirits and like that to be introduced global chaos so the motto of freemasonry Ordo Ab Chao to be realized again [1][1] i.e. through the ashes of the chaos phoenix will rise, to be more unbelievably ridiculous there are even bluebeam conspi theories that say this phase will be done through alien invasion or projected parousia [1][1]




Part 10


think those ideas that yezuits run the world is nonsense, I would say foremost zionists are those, although I dont accept the popular belief that they are jew sect but teutonic one, who as from times of early antiquity defied any central authority eg. as Teutonic Visigoths were especially attracted to Arianism [1] so as later in middle ages seems they continued to flirt with heresies eg. evangelical waldesians and through them as opposition to vatican also came in contact with chatarian dualism that existed in same time and shared common enemy [1][1] all that little by lttle again made teuton tribes prone to pagan vibe thus at least german elites got sick and finally merged even with kahazarian kabalists that settled in german lands, what eventually layed ground for emergence of authentic teutonic zionism known as rosicrucianism [1][1] this later opened room for different neopagan esoteric trends that eventually lead to racial nationalism i.e. Aryanism and Ariosophy [2][2][2] so this would be most dangerous not national but ethnic racism which have lead to nazism and ww2, guess nazi elites played either with or against zionism but first of all they followed rosicrucian occultism, on some level employing even hinduism mostly through their theosophical juggling, ALL in all I'll say no one can be sure whether all that info in the last 5 footnotes is true, anyway maybe those yezuit and "zionist" powers are nowadays in agreement, maybe one of them lead some global agenda, but one thing stends up as point from these thesis DONT JUDGE in any direction until there is not enough evidence around!



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